Truly Surprising!

Many business people think that it is totally unnecessary to market themselves today because their business is thriving.  Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

In today’s world, with the advancement of technology and competition from other businesses, as a company you have to stand out among the rest.  At no time should you relax and feel “I’m doing well or I’ve been in business for twenty, thirty years, I don’t need any new business.”

Take Coco-Cola for instance.  That company was founded in 1886… 130 years ago.  It’s a very successful brand, one that needs no introduction, one that’s sold in stores all around the globe and still going strong. Should they stop marketing themselves?  Of course not! Coco-Cola has to stay abreast or rather stand out above the competition.

Would you believe that Coco-cola spent $4 BILLION in marketing for the period 2014-2015?

Marketing today should be an essential component of every business, especially for solopreneurs.  Jump on the bandwagon.  Do what is necessary to have your name and your brand or service out there in the eyes and ears of your competition.